Saturday, December 23, 2017

India - Day 0: Doha Departure & Mumbai International Airport

We didn't have anything else to do on Friday, so we had a leisurely day of packing. In the evening, our cab arrived on time and we went to Hamad International Airport as we would on any other similar occasion. Everything went well when we checked in to our flight and we received all of our boarding passes so, after landing in Mumbai and re-checking our luggage, we would be able to proceed directly to our next boarding gate. As scheduled, our flight departed from Doha at 11PM. Finally boarding the plane after our week of hurdle after hurdle to make the trip happen, we felt invincible.

The plane landed in Mumbai International Airport the next morning, and even tho we had approximately 90 minutes to make our flight, we missed our connection. Moreover, we were separated almost immediately, which is not a comfortable situation. Because Angela had an e-visa, she had to go to a separate window to clear customs and pass the security checkpoint. We agreed to meet at the boarding gate for our next flight and that, whoever made it through first, would take care of retrieving the luggage, which had to be re-checked before proceeding to our departure gate. It was a tall order with the numbers of people swarming the checkpoint and the time running away from us. We went our separate ways, Vito staying with me. I lost track of Angela in the crowd; there were too many people and her line was far from our line. Things were not happening quickly and our situation was looking dire. It's a real shame that they divide families in that way at the airport. Anyway, the lines were insanely long and moving at a snail's pace. After about 45 minutes, I jumped the queue and explained that we were late for our flight and needed to pass thru if we were going to have any chance of catching our flight. Everyone looked at me like they didn't understand, but no one seemed to object, waving us to the front of the line.

On the other side of the security checkpoint, we found the belt with our luggage, one large suitcase and one small one, and looked for Angela. We didn't see her anywhere so we decided to check the baggage and make for the gate, but there were even more people waiting to exit the terminal! Streams of travelers were lined up at every possible exit. I don't think I have ever been in a more crowded airport and, if we had to wait in any of those lines, we were surely going to miss our flight. I was desperate and stressed out and Vito kept asking me where mommy was. I approached an officer. He appeared to understand me so I explained my situation briefly, and he escorted us to the front of the nearest line. We took our suitcases to the drop-off point and left them without further incident but, when checking the gate information, we could see that boarding for our flight had closed. Vito and I started running. It was quite early in the morning, and we were both tired and frustrated, but I think we traversed almost the entire length of the airport without stopping.

At the gate, the jet bridge was cordoned off and two attendants were thumbing through ticket stubs. We asked if it was too late to board our flight. One attendant picked up the phone and called the pilot, but she said we would not be permitted to board. Everyone had been checked in already and they were preparing to depart. I asked if they could check and see if Angela had boarded and, after checking the flight register, they told me she had not, and it was at that moment, out of breath, that she turned up! We couldn't do anything to persuade them to let us on board, but at least we were all together again. We could see that the plane was still connected to the other end of jet bridge, but there was no use in making a bigger scene without worsening the situation. So the attendants directed us to the rescheduling desk, which was all the way back to where we had started. We just hoped that our luggage was not traveling without us!

We waited about one more hour in line behind one person. By the time we booked our flight, the airport had cleared out and, compared to how it had looked when we had arrived, it almost appeared deserted. I felt like we were the only people who missed a flight. The woman helping us wanted us to pay for the new tickets, but Angela strongly objected, and, after consulting with her manager, we received new tickets for an early afternoon departure.

Pacified, we returned to the boarding area, ordered pastries and hot beverages at a coffee shop and then looked for a quiet place to sleep as it was still quite early in the morning and we were tired. We found a nice secluded corner at the end of a long hallway that was empty and quiet, but, more importantly, had unoccupied couches. While it was quiet without people, it made the Christmas muzak that was raining down from the ceiling speakers seem quite loud. I did a loop around the airport window shopping. A roving band of merry-makers wearing red stocking caps, complete with a band, were roaming the airport singing Christmas carols. After circling the shopping area, I returned to find Angela and Vito asleep and joined them.

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